UPDF officer shoots 40 Karamojong cattle dead

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The UPDF has today arrested their own, Baguma Yofesi who went on a shooting spree yesterday leaving 40 cows dead in Moruita, Nakapiripirit district

Baguma was tasked to look after recovered stolen cattle as it awaits handover to the rightful owners

In a twist of events, the officer took the cattle for grazing before opening rapid fire killing eighteen cattle instantly while 22 cattle died from injuries later

While talking to Nile Post, the UPDF said they have taken action against the Officer in question

"We have arrested Private Baguma Yofesi, and detained him at 407 Brigade Headquarters in Nakapiripirit. ", Maj. Moses Amuya, UPDF third division information officer said

UPDF also added that preliminary investigations show that Baguma is not mentally stable

"The soldier suspect developed severe mental disturbance prior to the incidence. However we will subject him to further medical check up to ascertain the root cause.", Maj. Amuya added

The forty cattle shot dead were part of the 291 cattle recovered from Naborokocha and Pian Upe following a raid

However Simon Peter Longoli, a vocal activist and Executive Director of Karamoja Development Forum casts doubt on the judicial process in bringing indiscipline officers to book

"There's opaqueness in UPDF's investigations or judicial processes. Many times the public is not in the loop on whether justice is delivered or not.", Longoli told Nile Post.

Longoli adds that as calm returns to the region, consolidating disarmament gains and improving conduct of errant officers should be prioritized

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