Security issue guidelines ahead of new premier league season

Police have issued guideline to be followed by members of the public, especially bars and other entertainment places as the new football season opens.

Addressing journalists on Monday, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said whereas there is no specific threat it is important that owners of entertainment places frequented by football lovers maintain certain security guidelines.

“Territorial commanders have been asked to work closely with proprietors and managers of all football screening venues and social entertainment places like bars, restaurants, gardens and night clubs to enhance measures designed to keep supporters safe and raise awareness of the existing threats of terrorism now that  the English Premier League is back starting next weekend,” Enanga said.

The police spokesperson said proprietors of these venues should be mindful of the existing security threats since their venues remain attractive to terrorists and other criminals who target revelers.

The guidelines

He said police will work closely with the proprietors to ensure specific security guidelines like screening of those accessing avenues are adhered to.

“They should at least have a security management plan, have adequate staff, report any breach of peace to the police, prohibit excessive consumption of alcohol and avoid the sale of alcohol to fans who are under 18, avoid overcrowding, the venues should have restricted number of entrances, having fire exits that are unobstructed among others,” Enanga said.

Police said as part of the guidelines, proprietors of these venues are encouraged to make use of plastic bottles and glasses, prohibit use of illegal drugs and that those who can afford CCTV cameras should install them and make them fully operational as well as controlled smoking areas and regulation of noise making in regards to local residents.

“Where possible, the proprietors can assist transporting revelers leaving the venue to ensure their safety after late night games. The customers should keep the valuables like wallets and phones out of sight but also avoid unnecessary arguments and confrontations which could lead to fights. We also advise supporters not to leave their drinks open or unattended or pick drinks at random. Being vigilant at all times is important especially if you see anything suspicious and alert the police.”

The English Premier League which is the most followed league by Ugandans will kick off on Friday with a game between defending champions Manchester City and Burnley.

The security guidelines are such an important issue since in 2010, over 70 Ugandans who were watching a World Cup football game at the Kyaddondo Rugby Grounds at Lugogo and the Ethiopian Village in Kabalagala, Kampala were killed by bomb blasts.

Somalia based terrorist outfit, Al Shabaab claimed responsibility of the blasts.



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