Foreign missions asked to be more specific while issuing terror alerts

Foreign missions asked to be more specific while issuing terror alerts
Security officials near bombed out vehicles in Kampala (Photo by Francis Isaano)

The joint security agencies have expressed concern about terror alerts issued by foreign missions, citing a lack of specific intelligence other than general information.

This was raised on Monday following last week’s terror alert issued by the UK Embassy in Uganda to its citizens in Uganda and those planning to travel to Uganda.

They further noted that the vague terror alerts have alarmed many Ugandans because previous ones were followed with actual terror attacks.

However, police noted that “The way the advisory was released, makes it difficult for the joint security agencies to determine, the specific threats other than the general information, the alert and advisory does not mention the terrorists, their targets and whether the threats are imminent or not.”

Police spox Fred Enanga

While addressing the press, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that police have acknowledged

the concerns raised by the UK embassy and are using the general information to determine what protective security response may be required.

He pointed out that over the years, Uganda has been generally peaceful, but with existing threats from a known enemy the ADF.

Following last month’s attack by the ADF at Lhubirira Secondary school, the UK embassy has urged its citizens in Uganda to be vigilant at all times, especially in crowded areas and public

places like hotels, transport hubs, restaurants and bars.

They have further been guided on gatherings like sporting or religious events, and when in close proximity to government buildings or security installations such as police stations, among others.

Meanwhile, the joint security agencies have reassured the public that, despite recent terror incidents, the ADF's internal resurgence remains significantly lower.

Their bases in the DRC are said to have been demolished, dealing them a severe blow. Furthermore, their domestic cells in Uganda were dismantled, as were their collaborations/agents.

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