Seven Lakes Golf Rotary empowers Kigo Community with life-changing support

Seven Lakes Golf Rotary empowers Kigo Community with life-changing support
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Seven Lakes Golf Rotary has made a significant impact on the vibrant fishing community of Kigo, Nakabugo by providing essential support and services.

With a focus on medical care, protective gear, and education, the organization has empowered community members and paved the way for a brighter future.

The proximity of the Kigo community to the lake has resulted in a high prevalence of malaria infections. Recognizing this alarming issue, Seven Lakes Golf Rotary collaborated with esteemed medical professionals from Cipla Uganda and Case Medical Services to provide free vaccinations, medical consultations, and treatment.

Understanding the occupational hazards faced by fishermen, fisherwomen, and farmers, Seven Lakes Golf Rotary took steps to provide much-needed protective gear.

The organisation procured high-quality gumboots, recognizing the importance of safety in their daily activities. By equipping community members with these essential protective items, the Rotary Club has ensured the safety and security of individuals as they engage in their livelihoods.

In their endeavor to promote education and empower the next generation, Seven Lakes Golf Rotary discovered a critical issue affecting numerous young girls: the lack of access to sanitary materials, leading to missed classes.

Committed to breaking down barriers to education, the organisation provided support to these girls through their caretakers and guardians.

By addressing this pressing issue, Seven Lakes Golf Rotary has enabled girls to attend school without interruptions, fostering a brighter future for the entire community.

The heartwarming initiative undertaken by Seven Lakes Golf Rotary caught the attention of Next Com and NBS TV who are the club's partners, and they were available to document the project to serve as an inspiring example of the power of community collaboration to motivate other organizations and individuals to create positive change.

Seven Lakes Golf Rotary has emerged as a shining beacon of hope, showcasing that united efforts can overcome challenges and build stronger, healthier communities.

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