Mpuuga protests testing MPs for Covid-19 to meet president Museveni

The Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga has protested the mandatory testing for Covid-19 for MPs in order to meet president Museveni.

Mpuuga said there is no need for this because the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an end to Covid-19 as a global health emergency.

He insisted that there is no need to test for the virus as one of the prerequisites to meet the head of state in any gathering.

“Testing for Covid-19 to meet Museveni is a wastage of public resources,”he said in a statement.

He accused president Museveni of wasting public resources with specific companies owned by individuals “close to the regime” on Covid-19 tests whenever he meets people both at his home and other parts of the country.

Mpuuga made the remarks as MPs head to attend the state of the nation address at Kololo this afternoon.

It is expected to attract at least 20,000 people including MPs, heads of government agencies and departments, diplomats, security officers, journalists and other dignitaries among others.

Mpuuga claimed that the event will cost Uganda’s taxpayer about Shs 3 billion.

“Another event of the budget speech which is expected next week is also expected to cost the taxpayer another shs 3 billion in Covid-19 tests,”he said.

Whereas this is an abuse of the rights of those subjected to these tests, Mpuuga said they are more concerned about the high cost of testing for Covid-19 which he said are in billions.

To save taxpayers’ money in these economic hard times, he suggested that president Museveni and his family should take Covid-19 booster doses to boost their immunity as recommended by the World Health Organization

He said this will lessen their anxiety over the virus threat to their lives.

“Gen. Museveni should also increase the social distance he observes while meeting people in the country as recommended by WHO,”he noted.

He also advised the president to make the decision to not meet people physically and instead use technology (zoom) as he did during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Shadow Cabinet has therefore resolved that subjecting people to the costly Covid-19 tests for the sole purpose of meeting Mr. Museveni is an abuse and must stop,”he said.

Mpuuga advised members of the Opposition not to take these tests.

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