State of the Nation Address: Security, Somalia, Corruption to highlight Museveni speech


President Museveni will on Wednesday deliver the State of the Nation address, on a constitutional mandate enshrined under Article 101 (1) of the constitution.

In preparation for the State of the Nation address, President Museveni called the Speaker Anita Among and her Deputy Thomas Tayebwa for consultations yesterday at State House Entebbe.

The two Parliament principals will be holding the second event of such, the first being in 2022, a few months after they were elected into office. The day also coincides with the second anniversary of Andrew Ojok Oulanyah who joined parliament following the death of his father Jacob Oulanyah. OJok was sworn in on the day of the State of the Nation Address.

Meanwhile, as President Museveni prepares to speak to the nation, a number of things are most likely expected to highlight his speech. Key among them is the situation in Somalia, the security situation in Karamoja, and the fight against corruption among others.

Somalia question

President Museveni while holding a Q/A session in Kyankwanzi last week, addressed the Somalia question in small detail, confirming that the country lost at least 54 gallant men in uniform when the Alshabaab stormed Bulamarer in Somalia.

“We discovered the lifeless bodies of 54 fallen soldiers, including a commander ( Lt Col Edward Nyororo) ” Museveni said.

Museveni’s confession comes less by at least 83, the number which was initially declared by the Alshabaab Mujihadeen. He also did not account for the soldiers claimed to have been taken alive.

At the same time, certain voices from Somalia still claim there is audio from Lt Col Edward Nyororo in which he claims to have survived the attack.

President blamed corruption for the unfortunate incidences in Somalia, saying that the latest brand of UPDF officers has turned the mission into a welfare party, recruiting their secretaries, maids, and cooks for welfare rather than combat needs.

Museveni had earlier said that some of the soldiers there did not perform as expected and panicked as they came under attack from about 800 assailants.

That forced a withdrawal to a base 6 miles away was a missed opportunity to annihilate the AL-Qaida-linked insurgents.

“The mistake was made by two commanders, Maj Oluka and Maj Obbo, who ordered the soldiers to retreat,” Museveni said on Saturday, adding that they would face charges in a court martial.

The Somalia question has not been broken down properly for the nation and this is an opportunity to address it. President Museveni will be forced to make a statement.

Security and Karamoja

President Museveni took a full week last month in Baralege State Lodge where he met different communities from the North, Lango and Karamoja. Key among issues discussed was the cattle rustling and insecurity that comes with it.

These issues culminated in the Executive Order that the president issued later, calling for a police structure in the villages and castigating some army elements who are aiding cattle rustlers.

Again an element of corruption causes insecurity!

The other aspect of insecurity, although in scattered incidences are the shootings that were rampant last month; Charles Engola, Blogger Isma Olaxes, Wilson Sabiiti and many others.

The security situation is one that President Museveni would like to address himself on, especially since he is the same person that gave parliament a security speech a few years ago in which he ordered trackers on motor vehicles and cycles.


In the most recent address to Members of Parliament, President Museveni remained shy on the matter of Mabaati ( iron sheets) which involves the biggest percentage of the members of his cabinet.

However, the different engagements the president has had in the last month have all ended with people reporting cases of corruption against government officials.

The Parish Development Model (PDM) has also come under serious criticism for corruption and President Museveni has vowed to tackle the matter to the very end of it.

The president summoned Brig Isoke of the Anti Corruption Unit to elaborate on how the unit is tackling corruption in the PDM.

The meetings in Northern Uganda also led to reports by locals regarding the corruption of army officers, government officials and local leaders.

The matter of corruption is an important one that must be addressed in this State of the Nation address

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