Next Media, IGG to join hands in corruption fight

Next Media CEO Kin Kariisa has said the media powerhouse is ready to work with the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) to raise awareness about effects of corruption. 

Kariisa made the comment while meeting with IGG Beti Kamya who had been hosted on NBS Morning Breeze. 

Kariisa told Kamya that Next Media is committed to positive transformation of Ugandan society and will support the IGG’s cause. 

Their discussion revolved around exploring opportunities for collaboration between Next Media and the Inspectorate General of Government in the pursuit of this transformative cause. Together, they delved into ways in which Next Media can provide support in raising awareness about corruption and amplifying the voices of those impacted by it. 

"We have overtime demonstrated how Next Media platforms can drive positive change in our motherland, and leveraging them to raise this much-needed awareness about corruption and provide a voice to those affected by it is yet another opportunity to make a difference,” said Kin Kariisa. 

As the partnership between Next Media and the Inspectorate General of Government takes shape, it is evident that both parties are deeply committed to fostering a corruption-free Uganda. By joining forces, they aim to empower individuals, encourage collective action, and ultimately create a society where corruption is no longer tolerated.

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