Museveni asks Kenya to handover Turkana warriors who killed Ugandan geologists in Karamoja

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President Museveni has asked the Kenyan government to handover to Uganda, Turkana warriors accused of killing three Ugandan journalists and two UPDF soldiers in Karamoja last year.

“The killers of the geologists must be handed to us for trial for murder. The guns were handed back to the government of Uganda but not the killers,”Museveni said.

The request was contained in an 18-paged executive order by the president .

In March last year, suspected Turkana warriors from Kenya shot dead three geologists from the  Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and two UPDF soldiers who were guarding them in an incident that happened at  Kubebe area, Lokisilei Parish in Lotisan Subcounty Moroto District.

The geologists were on mineral mapping exercise in the area when they were attacked by the warriors who also took away the two guns owned by the UPDF soldiers.

According to Museveni’s executive order, the Kenyan government  and its Ugandan counterparts can in the alternative organize a blood settlement to the families of the deceased geologists and UPDF soldiers but warned its should not be the traditional one of a few cows.

“It must be adjusted to the full value of what the deceased would have contributed in his/ her life , which life was cut short by those criminals,” Museveni said.

Orders on Turkana warriors

The president has again ordered that the Turkana warriors should never be allowed into Uganda with guns since they have cause havoc wherever they are.

“The Turkana must never come to Uganda with guns . Anybody who does so must be arrested and charged with terrorism by the Court Martial. I direct that this Turkana nonsense must stop,” Museveni said.

According the president, through the coordination of the governments of Kenya and Uganda, the Turkana must bring back to the victim communities the number of cattle equal to the cattle they stole from them over the years.

He gave the Turkana population six months to implement his directives or else he will issue tough orders.

“If, however, the issue of the guns illegally entering Uganda, the handover of the criminals who killed our geologists or the use of traditional justice and return of the stolen cattle are not resolved, I will have no alternative but to expel all the Kenyan Turkanas and their cattle and they will never be allowed to re-enter Uganda with their cattle,” Museveni said.


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