NRM caucus returns anti gay bill to parliament

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The ruling NRM party caucus has referred the Anti-Homosexuality bill passed last month back to parliament for improvement.

The ruling party caucus sitting at Kololo independence grounds resolved to have the bill returned to August House before being sent to the president to assent to it.

“The NRM caucus hereby resolves to advise the president to send back to parliament the bill with proposals for improvement, “ the caucus resolution read in part.

The ruling NRM party MPs reached this resolution after President Museveni who is also the party national chairman delivered a keynote address on the controversial law  passed by Parliament on March 21.

According to a communication from the ruling party, the decision was reached after exhaustively examining all related issues and reviewing previous discussions on the matter.

The development comes on the backdrop of the advice by the Attorney General to President Museveni asking him not to assent to the bill in its current form.

The Attorney General, who is the chief legal advisor for government said the new law provides for mandatory death sentence for a person convicted of aggravated homosexuality which he said is in contravention with articles 21, 22(1), 28, 44(a) and 44(c) of the Constitution.

He said the Constitutional Court t has already itself on laws concerning mandatory death sentence which he said is inconsistent with the constitution.

According to the Attorney General, the new law risks violating the principle of separation of powers when it prescribes mandatory death sentence as it doesn’t not give the judiciary discretion to determine an appropriate sentence.

He cited several other provisions in the new law that he said need to be revised by parliament before it is assented to by the president or else it risks being challenged in courts of law on grounds of being unconstitutional.

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