What makes them the ideal sexual partner?!

Ever met someone that has all the human qualifications but you still don't know why you should give them some? This question is not just for women. It cuts across.

Women are not the only people that give. Men give some too. Some women have mastered the art of throwing themselves at men and it is really up to the men to have mercy and give them some. 

As sad as it is that some women have to ask for some, it is happening. Women chase too. They do the most to get these men to lay them. So why are you the ideal person for him?

Women ask this question the most. These women are approached by someone new on a daily. They have what it takes to attract the very best of men. 

They are smart, well-dressed, and smell good, their intellect is something everyone wants to get close to and all they need to know is why he is the ideal sexual partner.

Where we are now, no one is in charge of giving or taking. We are all given and some days we give. So whenever you get someone to lay, bring your A game. Make it worth every sweat.

Be intentional when you decide to give someone some. Make it worth every minute. If you know that you are not emotionally and physically ready to have great sex, don't waste someone’s time. 

When choosing someone to lay, choose a person with a great sense of humour. Their mind should be fluid. They should be able to take a joke about the size of their tyres. Or the size of their nipples. 

Try as much as possible to be a flexible human being. And I mean body-wise. This has nothing to do with how many KGs you weigh. This means your body is flexible enough to make some turns possible. Some sex styles are full workouts. Get your body ready.

Get you a person that pays attention to detail. If you are looking out for reasons to give anyone some, make sure they see you. They should be able to tell parts of your body no matter how dark it is. They should know which birthmarks you have near your private parts. Attention!

Everyone deserves an easy communicator. Sex gets emotional no matter the level. If you are going to give someone leg make sure they know how to communicate. Make sure they are clear about what they want from that entanglement. The terms and conditions have to be very clear from the word go. 

Choose someone who knows what they want in life. This is why conversations are very important. If someone is leaving everything to God, then they probably are not sure about what their next day looks like. If they know their purpose in life, they know what to do in bed. 

So if you want them. If your body melts away in their presence. If you want to have a dip in their honey pot, be intentional and look out for why they are the ideal playmate. 

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