Ramadhan Tip: Withdraw from social media during this month, Muslims advised    

As Muslims abstain from food or drinks each day from sunrise until sunset, they are also advised to withdraw from social media during this month of Ramadhan if they are to benefit from this holy month.

Muslims scholars said that the purpose of the fast is to practice self-restraint, piety, and generosity and keeping away from things which can nullify one's fast, adding that social media would not be a good thing for Muslims at the moment.

Sheikh Habiib Musa Ssemakula, a Muslim scholar who also doubles as a lecturer at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) told the Nile Post that social media is a double-edged sword, adding that if a Muslim takes the positive part of it, he or she can learn more about his religion and strengthen his faith.

“On the negative side, social media is addictive, it is a time-wasting tool, a source of pornography, obscenity, rumor mongering, lies among others,” he said, adding that “The prophet said he who doesn't abstain from lying and from practicing falsehood, Allah is in no need of his giving up his food and drinks.”

Sheikh Ssemakula said the more a fasting Muslim dedicates his time to social media, the less he benefits from this month.

Other scholars cited the negative effects of spending too much time on social media including; a Muslim may leave or forget prayers, inappropriate content, reducing interest in socialising in real terms and  failure to glorify Allah.

They however believe that social media is technology, invention, and also part of the development that cannot be avoided.  They said that sooner or later a Muslim must adapt to it since it became a necessity and if we use it wisely the platform can give them a lot of benefits.

Islam as a religion always guides its  people to always see things from its nature, purpose, benefits, and impact for themselves, surrounding and mostly their relation to Allah.

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