Gov’t blasts international law bodies  for  trading "falsehoods" over move to remove Justice Kisaakye

The Ugandan government has blasted international law bodies for trading  what it termed as falsehoods in regards the recommendation by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to the president to remove  Justice Esther Kisaakye from office.

The Judicial Service Commission last month recommended to President Museveni for a tribunal to be instituted to have Justice Kisaakye investigated with a view of being removed from the Supreme Court for attacking the Chief Justice.

This didn’t augur well with international law bodies including the Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association (CLA) and the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) that said in statements that Justice Kisaakye is being punished over her stance on the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary.

In a statement on Thursday, the Attorney General explained that in line with its mandate, the Judicial Service Commission received a complaint against Justice Kisaakye over the alleged disparaging attack and denigration of the Chief Justice.

The Attorney General noted that the allegations in the complaint were investigated by giving all sides an opportunity to give their side of the story before coming up with a decision that informed the recommendation.

“Having interviewed all the witnesses, reviewed the documentary and audio evidence availed to it, the JSC reached the conclusion that there are possible ground of improper conduct and recommended of a tribunal to investigate the removal of Justice Esther Kisaakye for having conducted herself in a manner prejudicial to the good image honour, dignity and reputation of the service,” the Attorney General said.

However, the chief government lawyer blasted the two bodies for trading falsehoods over the matter.

“It is absolutely falsehood and slanderous to say as IBAHRI and CLA have done that Justice Kisaakye is facing action for wiring a dissenting judgement. Justice Kisaakye is answering a complaint regarding her conduct as a Supreme Court judge which fortunately was captured on camera and is a matter of public record.”

According to the Ugandan government, writing dissenting judgements is a common practice in all cases including election petitions, noting that nevertheless, these dissenting judgments don’t alter the  majority decision of the court.

Government however urged the international law bodies to refrain from trading in falsehoods of the matter involving Justice Esther Kisaakye, noting that being  dissatisfied with  the outcome doesn’t mean the process leading to the decision of the Judicial Service Commission didn’t follow the due process.

“I implore everyone to remain calm and allow the matter to be handled within the clearly set out legal process. This matter will not be resolved outside the constitutional process set out under the laws of Uganda . It is imperative therefore for all concerned to respect the process.”



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