Ramadhan Tips: Any single deed in the month of Ramadhan is multiplied 70 times

As Muslims kick off fasting of the month of Ramadhan today, Muslims scholars have guided that this is a perfect timing for one to develop a habit of doing good deeds that will last even after the month.

A Muslim scholar, Sheikh Idris Luswaabi who also doubles as the Kampala district Khadi said no good deed is small during this holy month.

“When you perform one prayer(Swalah) Allah multiplies it 70 times and optional prayers Allah multiplies 10 times. Let’s continue doing good deeds, there are a lot of rewards during this month,” he said.

In this month, our good deeds are multiplied: “Whoever does something good in this month, Allah multiplies it by 70.”

There are several voluntary acts of worship a Muslim can do during this month to make the most of this blessed month. Some of these include:

  • Read more Qur’an: Every letter holds more reward in Ramadhan.
  • Listen to the Qur'an more often.
  • Pray in the Mosque: Every step you take towards a place of prayer is a good deed.
  • Performing more sunnah prayers including Taraweeh and Tahajjud.
  • Donating to charity. “Allah, the Exalted, says, ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’”
  • Develop a habit of following the Prophet’s Muhammad’s practices.
  • Increased Dua(supplication)
  • Attending and listening to Islamic sermons, preaching.
  • Quitting a bad habit.
  • Forgive those who wronged you.

During this month, a Muslim is expected to make increased dua (Supplication) as it holds many blessings. There are also specific times to make certain duas, such as the time of starting and breaking a fast.

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