Who is the little boy in the crying, laughing video that has gone viral?

He is 7 years old and his name is Albert Ofosu Nketia. His video is one of the most popular in recent times, trending on most social media platforms including TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter, and the likes.

Albert was captured in a video crying and transitioning into laughter within a matter of a few seconds and has since gained fame with his video going viral.

In an interview with Oyerepa at his residence in Kumasi, mother of the little boy; Rosina explained the reason behind the video which many have tagged as hilarious.

According to her, he started crying because he wanted a particular meal on one Saturday but couldn’t get that. When his grandmother tried soothing him with a funny song, he burst into laughter in the process.

“It was a Saturday, and he said he wanted to eat yam. I was washing at the time and I didn’t have any at home so I didn’t know if to stop and go to the market to get some. But I had unripe plantain at the time so I cooked it for him.

“When he saw the stew and remembered how well it would have gone down with boiled yam rather than the plantain, he started crying.

“In the beginning, we convinced him to eat it and when he ate it till it was left with two fingers, his grandmother asked him, ‘so you ate this plantain’ then he started crying again. In an effort to make him stop crying, Nana (his grandmother) started singing a peculiar song for him and then the laughter came in in the process till it stopped,” she added.

According to Rosina his mother, the video was not meant to go out of their home and the reaction after it was leaked by a friend in the neighbourhood wasn’t a good one.

“The first day I saw the video, I didn’t know what to do and if I had discovered the person who leaked the video on that day, I would have made it a police case because I thought it was a video that was taken by his uncle to send to his father,” she said.

Adding, “He couldn’t send it and it stayed on the phone. But his uncle sold the phone and the person who bought it got access to the video, his friend transferred it and released it.

When the said man met me after and greeted me, I didn’t even respond because I felt he could have told me about it”.

Albert’s mother also noted that although he was born with no special abilities, he developed some conditions which made him a special child. He however is studios and is currently being groomed by his mother who is also a pupil teacher.

“When he was 7 months old, he was put in an incubator, on and off and then after, when he started growing, I realized it was a condition.

“But through physio and other treatments, he started walking at 3 years. He is in school, in KG 1. When he comes back from school, I help him do his homework,” he noted.

Source: Ghana Web 

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