Uganda Air Cargo inaugurates new board of directors, urged to make it competitive

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The Minister of Defence and Veterans Affairs, Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja has urged the new board of directors of Uganda Air Cargo Corporation (UACC) to work towards making it a competitive player in the air cargo industry.

He said this will help Uganda to take advantage of its business potential in the region.

Ssempijja made the remarks on Thursday during the inauguration of the new board members at UACC headquarters in Entebbe, Wakiso District.

“UACC remains one of our national strategic capabilities that requires our commitment and determination to remain efficiently operational,” Ssempija said.

Ssempijja underscored that achieving self-reliance is of prime importance for any developing country like Uganda as otherwise, it would increase the country’s dependence on foreign support.

“I wish to thank His Excellency the President and Commander-in-Chief for his strategic vision and emphasis on self-reliance. Indeed, it is clear that the only way we can position Uganda as an economic hub in the region is by developing critical infrastructure and investing in key enabling sectors such as communication, transport and aviation industry,” the Minister added.

Ssempijja commended the outgoing Board members for serving with utmost commitment and determination and the Management of UACC for keeping UACC afloat.

He implored the new board to cultivate new partnerships and strategies on how UACC can be expanded through the acquisition of new air assets and personnel so that the entity can ably exploit fleeting business opportunities.

The general manager of UACC, Lt Gen Nakibus Lakara thanked the outgoing board for the harmonious working relationship for the two years that he has been in the management of the UACC.

“We did not have variants of opinion. At the end of the day, we always agreed on how to move forward,” said Lt Gen Lakara. He pledged to work and support the new board members as they endeavour to fulfil their duties.

In his handover remarks, the outgoing UACC board chairman, Capt. John Emilly Otekat implored the new board members not to work in isolation but to work as a team and with UPDF in order to move the corporation to greater heights.

Speaking on behalf of the new board, the new UACC board chairman Capt. Gad Gasatura said that the board of directors is critical to the success and survival of any organisation especially public entities like the UACC.

He pledged that the new board will work closely with MoDVA/UPDF and the UACC management team to ensure the efficiency of the Corporation’s operations.

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