The world turned digital;Museveni is still in analogue- DP

Democratic Party has lashed out to president Museveni over his comments during the 55th independence celebrations in Bushenyi.

Speaking during the celebrations,Museveni said he would not allow anyone who disrupts democracy.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters, Democratic Party spokesperson Fred Mwesigwa said president Museveni is not the right person to speak about democracy.

"Despite the world turning digital, president Museveni has remained in analogue.He is the biggest enemy to democracy in Uganda,"Mwesigwa said on Tuesday.

"Democracy means that people of various views despite being divergent from yours allowed to express them but this is not what Museveni does."

In refrence to the ongoing age limit debate,the Democratic Party mouthpiece said that President Museveni has used state institutions, something he said shows an enemy of democracy.

"How can someone who is fighting democracy be the one to advocate for it.Democracy is leaving those who don't believe in lifting of the age limit operate harmoniously."

He said that scenes like one where security agencies stormed parliament recently are an indicator that president Museveni is the biggest enemy to democracy.

Mwesigwa said that throughout his rule, president Museveni has been a violater of democracy , adding that it is a mockery for him to claim to be an advocate.

On independence celebrations, the Democratic Party spokesperson said that the national event has been turned political.

"In the past, the entire country would celebrate independence day but since 1986, it has been turned into an NRM day, "Mwesigwa said.

He noted that what was independence day is now one for a 'few individuals' to celebrate their 'loot'.

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