Uganda’s fishermen’s cabinet soon sinking-Analysts 

Political commentators have delivered a withering assessment of the the current crop of cabinet ministers, saying it was a ship destined to sink right from the start.

When President Museveni announced the 82-member cabinet for his fifth term in power, in June 2021, they were greeted by widespread criticism, with many expressing scepticism about their ability to deliver.

Museveni quickly came to the defence of his ‘cabinet of fishermen’, saying he had opted for hands-on personalities who would demonstrate their true mettle with their performance on the ground.

However, just two years into their tenure, several cabinet ministers have been embroiled in scandal after scandal, resurrecting old concerns about their suitability for office.

Commenting on the recent uproar over the involvement of several cabinet ministers in the mismanagement of relief items meant for Karamoja sub-region, Patrick Wakida, a political pundit said majority of the the ministers in the current cabinet had no business holding those offices in the first place.

“These are people who should never have been considered,” Wakida says, adding, “Government is a business; you put the wrong CEO, you crash.”

Political analyst Godber Tumushabe also has no kind words for the men and women now in charge of the country, saying they do not hold a candle to their predecessors in many respects.

“The people he (Museveni) came with from the bush whether in politics or military were quality individuals in terms of profile, demeanour and intellectual astuteness. This lot doesn’t match up.”

Wakida believes the difference is one of integrity.

“In the past we had people of integrity; people like Apollo Nsibambi and Ruhakana Rugunda. They had something to lose. Today, we have people who have nothing to lose.”

However, NRM’s Director for information and publicity, Emmanuel Dombo argues that while the Karamoja iron sheets scandal is regrettable, the current cabinet has done some good for which it deserves credit.

“Sometimes a fisherman may catch frogs along with the very many fish; that doesn’t mean they are not working.”

Dombo also cautioned against rashly declaring the ministers guilty without allowing due process to take its course.

“We shall wait for Parliament’s report to know the full story before reaching conclusions,” Dombo said.

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