Anyone carrying more than Shs37m should report to Authorities before entering Uganda- government

In a new set of rules, the government has warned that any person who accesses the country through the airport should officially declare the amount of money on them should such an amount exceed Shs37m ( $10,000 USD).

According to a statement from the Uganda tax body, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) regarding future clearances at Entebbe International Airport, passengers will now be presented with two options for clearance channels; Green and red.

URA states that passengers with nothing to declare to Customs (URA) or with baggage consisting of only goods within the prescribed passenger allowance (i.e. goods for personal use not exceeding the value of USD 500 (Shs1.8m) shall exit the passenger terminal through the green channel.

While passengers with dutiable or restricted goods shall go through the red channel to declare their goods through a simplified declaration form (PB4), pay appropriate customs taxes, and exit the terminal with their goods (cargo).

“Passengers who come into the country with money in excess of USD 10,000$ must report to customs and declare the money in their possession,” the statement says.

Uganda is not the only country to enforce the rule, according to US customs rules, there is no maximum limit for any amount of money brought into the United States, however, any amount in excess of $10,000 must be declared.

The penalties for inaccurate declaration and non-compliance can be severe including heavy fines and/or confiscation of funds.

The same applies to Canada and other governments.


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