269  killed on Ugandan roads in one month


The latest traffic police report has indicated that at least 134 people have been killed on Ugandan roads in the last two weeks to make it 269 people killed in one month.

Updating the country on their operations, traffic police spokesperson, ASP Faridah Nampiima said in the past two weeks, a total of 705 accidents happened on roads around the country.

“From January 15 to January 21, a total of 345 crashes were recorded around the country in which 65 people died whereas 285 were injured. In the period between January 22 and January 28, a total of 360 crashes were registered and 69 people were killed whereas 279 sustained serious injuries,”Nampiima said.

In the two weeks, the traffic police spokesperson explained that 123 accidents were fatal, 380 serious and the rest were minor.

A fatal accident is one in which at least one person dies whereas a serious one is where no one dies but sustain injuries but on the other side, a minor accident involves vehicles damaged.

According to the traffic most of the accidents were caused by reckless driving including overspeeding, overtaking in dangerous points on the road among other causes as well as driving vehicles in dangerous mechanical conditions.

269 killed in one month

The latest figures show that at least 269 have now been in the first 28 days of the month of January in the new year 2023.

Previously, police had indicated that 135 people had lost their lives on Ugandan roads in the first two weeks of the month whereas 345 were  injured in 340 during the same period.

These statistics indicate that accidents on Ugandan roads are still a cause for worry as not less than nine people are on average killed every day in accidents.

The traffic police spokesperson on Monday asked members of the public to be on the fore front of ensuring sanity on the road.

“Everything starts with you. Be disciplined while on the road. You are a passenger on boda boda, taxi or bus and you are loaded in excess, don’t just keep quiet. Speak up because when an accident happens, you will died together with the driver and everyone else. It is your right not to be loaded in excess,” ASP Faridah Nampiima urged.



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