Speaker Tayebwa raises alarm over "increasing homosexuality in schools"

The Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa has raised alarm over ‘increasing’ cases of homosexuality sodomy in schools.

While chairing the Tuesday plenary sitting, Tayebwa said he had been receiving ‘painful’ stories about how students are getting forced into homosexuality and lesbianism.

“I am getting painful stories about homosexuality and many people are dying in silence. It seems our schools have been infiltrated and recruitment centres are open. It's extremely sad. Our children have been grabbed and sodomized,” the Deputy Speaker said.

He revealed that he had talked to one student from one of the prominent schools, who admitted that the students could no longer move in compound at night in fear of being grabbed and sodomised.

Tayebwa said the matter needs to be tackled head-on without fear, to protect the children from the vice.

He added that the committee on education was given an assignment to study issues dealing with homosexuality

He tasked the committee to handle the matter urgently without fear of anyone, saying this is the time to save the country’s children from homosexual tendencies.

“The Committee on Education will have space on the order paper to present their report on this issue. We are going to see how we work with the government and stop homosexuality. We must protect our children, save humanity and our country,” Tayebwa stated.

The development comes at the backdrop of reported homosexuality incidents especially in prominent male-only schools.

Days ago, allegations that a student had been sodomised at King’s College Budo, made rounds on social media.

It is also reported that the claims have attracted the Minister for Education, Janet Kutaaha’s attention, who according to Daily Monitor, has called for probe into the misconduct at the school.

Tayebwa is the latest big wig to come out on homosexuality and lesbianism in schools saga.

On Christmas day, the Archbishop of Church of Uganda, Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu warned parents, of individuals he said were recruiting students into homosexuality by luring them with money and sponsorship promises.

The Archbishop said there was need for parents to start monitoring their children and displine them especially during holidays.

“Just as God gave his only son to us at Christmas, so you must also give yourselves sacrificially to your children, “Mugalu said.

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