Muslims urged to strengthen marriage bonds as Balinda daughter weds UAE based businessman

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The Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, has called upon Muslims to strengthen their marriage bonds in order to maintain their lineages.

Mubaje said this at a colourful wedding ceremony of the UAE based Rifai Zirabamuzale and Raihana Balinda, the daughter of Abas Balinda, a prominent businessman in Kidubuli Village on the outskirts of Fort Portal City.

Rifai is a son of Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, the 2nd Deputy Mufti of Uganda. 

In his speech, Mubaje explained that with the exception of Prophet Issa, Allah did send Prophets before Prophet Muhammad who had wives and fathered children and grandchildren. 

“So, you took the right decision to go into marriage because it is within the Islamic tenets" Sheikh Mubaje remarked.

 He further illustrated this with an incident that occurred during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad when one male Muslim vowed never to marry, reasoning that he wanted to live a holy life.

"This prompted prophet Muhammad to advise him as a spiritual leader that he too had wives and bore children.  The believer understood the point. So, in marrying, Muslims follow the traditions of their Prophet Muhammad,” Mubaje preached. 

He warned Muslim youths not to listen to bad ideas like same sex marriage being fronted by some sections because they are alien to the Islamic faith. 

Mubaje praised the newlywed couple who are from different tribes. The groom is from Busoga while the bride is from Tooro. He noted that this is not only uniting their families but also was also one of the ways of eliminating tribalism, which is currently fuelling unnecessary conflicts in communities.

On the same occasion, Lukia Nakadama Isanga, the 3rd deputy premier and also a grandmother to the groom, praised the young couple and urged the youth with means to emulate them.

Sheikh Waiswa, who was accompanied by his uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, and relatives caused laughter when he stated that they valued the ceremony highly that is why no member of their family remained behind. 

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