Militarisation of elections has taken a new dimension, says FDC's Nyanjura

Kampala Deputy Lord Mayor Doreen Nyanjura, has said the militarization of elections has now taken a new dimension, calling upon Ugandans to rise up and kick “gun rule” out of the country.

Nyanjura explained that the military intervention in the Makerere University convocation elections is one such example.

She said originally the militarization of elections was assumed that the army is used in elections to secure the seat of their commander in chief. This she said that not only stops there.

“Then they started involving themselves in parliamentary elections. We thought that they wanted their commander in chief to have a majority in parliament to pass his dirty policies. Now they are coming for something as small as convocation elections,” said Nyanjura.

“Just when we think that the regime cannot stop any lower, they hit a new low,” she said, questioning where all these stops.

Nyanjura said the army will soon be deployed to beat up people holding burial committee elections

“Every facet of our lives has been militarized. Gallant Makerereans, fellow country men and women let us rise up and kick gun rule out of our country,” she said.

On December, 30, there was heavy security deployment at Makerere University as the alumni voted the new convocation leaders.

The elections were marred with untold chaos that started when election materials arrived late, situation contestants blamed on the returning officer as well as irregularities in the register where many contestants and voters’ names were missing.

Several members of the convocation took to social media to blast security including police and military police over the manner they handled the election. Several members were arrested during the process.

The outgoing Makerere University Convocation chairman, Dr. Tanga Odoi was accused of being behind the chaos and foul play.

However, Odoi denied all the allegations against him and blamed some of the contestants including journalist Charles Odongtho, former MP Gerald Karuhanga and Robert Rutaro for masterminding chaos.

He insisted that he was not to blame for the chaos but rather three candidates, adding that coming with a predetermined mind meant that the group of three had to do all it takes to disorganise the election.

He accused the three candidates of hiring goons but also former Makerere University students to disorganize the election.

Equating the situation at Makerere to what happened in parliament in 2018 during the age limit debate; Dr.Tanga said had security not intervened, matters could have turned worse.

He said he was waiting for anyone to come up to drag him to court over the events during the election of the convocation.

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