Medical association insists Dr. Oledo is not president, despite court order

The Uganda Medical Association has written to Dr.Samuel Oledo warning him against stepping foot at their offices since he is not their president.

The Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala in December ruled that the status quo at the time of Dr. Oledo’s application to court to stop his interdiction should be preserved by UMA.

“The status quo prior or as at the time the application was filed in this court on December, 9, 2022, ought to be preserved to avoid prejudice of rights of the applicant pending the determination of the main cause,” Justice Musa Ssekaana ruled.

However, efforts by Dr.Oledo to return to office since then have been futile.

On Monday, he wrote to the lawyers of the Uganda Medical Association informing them of his intention to return to office for work as directed by court.

“Our client intends to resume his duties as president of the Uganda Medical Association at least until court orders otherwise in the main cause. Any person who while anchoring his or her actions on the impugned decisions dated December 6 and 18 forbids our client from taking office and executing  his duties  as UMA president will be regarded by us as being in contempt of court and as such will be prosecuted personally,” Dr.Oledo’s lawyers of Uniqus Advocates wrote to UMA.

UMA drags feet

However in a January 6 response, UMA through its lawyers of Gem Advocates says there is misinterpretation of the court’s decision by Dr.Oledo’s team.

They insist that the court never directed that Dr.Oledo returns to office.

“We take issue with the manner in which you are purporting to interpret and execute the temporary injunction order issued by Justice Musa Ssekaana on December 22, 2022 .The referenced temporary injunctive order maintains as it obviously should at law the status quo and more particularly the status quo was clearly stated by your affidavit in support of the application namely “that an acting president has been appointed”. Your client was obviously aware that Dr. Edith Nakku Joloba was appointed acting president on December 6, and that was the status quo as on December 22, 2022,” UMA says.

The medical association adds that in implementation of the court order, Dr.Joloba will not implement the resolutions of December, 6 and 18 but will rather remain as acting UMA president.

UMA says the December court order never directed the reinstatement of Dr.Oledo as president and that it neither did it through out Dr.Joloba from office as acting president.

“Your client is at liberty to apply to court for reinstatement since an acting president had already been appointed by the time he applied for a temporary injunction. Dr. Joloba is the vice president of our client and she is required to act whenever the president is unable to do so.”

UMA warns that any attempt by Dr.Oledo to reinstate himself as president is illegal , irregular and abuse of court process which will lead to go to court to seek legal redress.


Dr.Oledo’s troubles stemmed from his actions when he led  a group of intern doctors to kneel and endorse President Museveni to run for presidency in 2026.

“Your Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, you have been the engine behind the improved welfare of health workers. Right now, the least paid health worker earns Shs.1.4 million from shs600,000,” Oredo said during an NRM party youth symposium at Kololo ceremonial grounds.

He asked Museveni who has been in power for 37 years to stand again in 2026, owing to the “achievements” the country has got during that time.

An extra ordinary meeting by UMA voted him out of office and installed Dr. Edith Nakku Joloba as acting president.

Dr.Oledo recently said UMA members were being used by opposition to fight him.

“My political inclinage to NRM has not been in secret. I contested in the recent NRM primaries for EALA while I  was still president of UMA but none came up and said it was political I shouldn’t not contest. But when I kneel before the fountain of honour to say the doctors  pockets are not happy, it becomes a crime? Aren’t those  double standards,” Dr.Oledo told journalists list month.

“I know 95% of the doctors are silent but are supporting and the few infiltrated by kawukuumi(weevils) are the ones who feel even if NRM government has done something, it is not good enough.”



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