“That is crap” Lukwago speaks out on Gen Saleh’s letter


Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has for the first time commented about a letter said to have been authored by the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation, Gen Salim Saleh in which he said he had withdrawn his support to him.

“That is crap that I have taken to court,” Lukwago said on Wednesday as he responded to a question from journalists in regards the letter.

In the December, 31 letter, Gen Saleh is quoted to have said he has withdrawn his support to Lukwago’s political fights  unless he comes out to apologise to him over comments he made about him in the public.

However, in manner that indicated that he was avoiding the topic, Lukwago commented about it indirectly saying he could not waste on what he termed as crap.

“I don’t want to comment on their fabricated stories. From today, I want to put you on notice that as you continue fabricating stories, prepare to pay me.”

He said he had dragged government owned newspaper, the New Vision for “fabricating” a story about him in regards Gen Saleh’s letter.

Lukwago insisted that at the end of the court battle, the New Vision will have to pay him for damages.

“I have dragged them to court and the case is there. I am serving them with summons today .  Please(New Vision) prepare to pay me.  We go through a lot and they fabricate such stories? I have seen the headline in the New Vision is a bit big and therefore prepare to pay hefty. “

The Lord Mayor said he has suffered impeachment and blackmail at the hands of  mafia whom he blamed for such stories against him over his fight to return the city to the people of Kampala.

He however said throughout the years he has been at City Hall, he has developed a thick skin and nothing can derail him.

“I know that any person who stands in the face of these cartels and mafia will suffer the blunt of state persecution, impeachment and blackmail. However, we developed a tough skin.”


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