Besigye calls for changes in road design to reduce accidents on Ugandan roads

Dr Kizza Besigye has called for changes in how roads are designed in Uganda to help reduce on the loss of life due to accidents, especially during the festive season.

Besigye makes a point

Besigye also suggested that relevant authorities become more strict in how drivers are certified before they get on the road and examining the fitness of vehicles. 

He said, "Death on our roads by far exceeds deaths in wars and other violent causes. Addressing this ought to occupy a very high priority.” 

This season has seen a continued escalation of fatal accidents with one claiming five lives at Kibukuta Swamp, Kayabwe along the Kampala-Masaka highway. According to Police, five other people were rushed to hospital after they were seriously hurt in the crash.

Recently, the minister of Works and Transport, Gen Katumba Wamala told journalists that 360 accidents had been registered in eight days, claiming 83 lives, including those of Serere Member of Parliament Patrick Okabe and his wife who died on Monday on Mbale-Tirinyi road.

Works and Transport Minister, Gen Katumba Wamala.

According to Katumba, preliminary findings indicate that the recent road crashes were a result of speeding, reckless overtaking and slippery roads as a result of heavy rain.

In a bid to curb the rampant road accidents during this period, the government recently issued new guidelines, which were intended to prevent speeding, drunk driving and driving without a valid license, among others.

The drivers who commit serious offences would be arrested or detained for two hours to be sensitised about traffic laws.

Speaking to the Nile Post on Tuesday, Frank Mawejje, the new leader of boda boda operators in Kampala said riders ought to be very careful during this period which is characterised with increased road crashes.

“Don’t drink and drive because of the excitement in this period. Life is very important. As a passenger don’t allow any boda boda rider to over speed. Don’t allow these riders to break traffic while you are seeing. Let’s work together so that we can reduce road crashes during this season,” he said.

He assured Ugandans that next year, they will work on the identification of all boda boda riders in the city where each  rider will be given a uniform as part of this initiative.

“And you will be able to identify them according to the division they come from. We should intensify training and sensitization of all boda boda riders. Next year we are in the battle of ensuring that we curb road crashes, especially those that are caused by boda boda riders, “he said.

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