Opposition using medical association members to fight me, Museveni, says Dr. Oledo


Few hours after being reinstated as the Uganda Medical Association (UMA), Dr.Samuel Oledo has accused the opposition of using some members in the association to fight him and president Museveni.

“I sound a warning that whoever in opposition wants to fight me and President Museveni using UMA that you won’t succeed. I will fight you tooth and nail. All doctors will fight you tooth and nail. We are ready to work with President Museveni because he is the sitting president and government to improve the health sector.  Whether you want to cry, we are to do it,” Dr. Oledo told journalists on Thursday afternoon.

He was reacting to the High Court ruling that directed that he is reinstated as UMA president in an order which overturned the outcome of an extraordinary general meeting that voted Oledo out of office as the Uganda Medical Association president for breaching the constitution of the association when he prostrated before President Museveni.

They replaced him with Dr. Edith Nakku-Jolobo who had previously served as his deputy.

The Civil Division of the High Court on Thursday morning ruled that it was wrong for UMA members to kick Oledo out of office.

“The status quo prior or as at the time the application was filed in this court on December, 9, 2022, ought to be preserved to avoid prejudice of rights of the applicant pending the determination of the main cause,” Justice Ssekaana ruled.

Commenting on the ruling, Dr.Oledo said he was unfairly treated by fellow UMA members by accusing him of breaching the association constitution when he knelt before President Museveni and asked him to stand again in 2016.

“My political inclinage to NRM has not been in secret. I contested in the recent NRM primaries for EALA while I  was still president of UMA but none came up and said it was political I shouldn’t not contest. But when I kneel before the fountain of honour to say the doctors  pockets are not happy, it becomes a crime? Aren’t those  double standards.”

“I know 95% of the doctors are silent but are supporting and the few infiltrated by kawukuumi(weevils) are the ones who feel even if NRM government has done something, it is not good enough.”

Oledo however warned that he will not be stopped by anyone from advocating for the uplifting of the working conditions for medical doctors, noting that even if it means supporting the government in power, he will do it.

“I sound a warning to those intending to use opposition to come to UMA and fight it because the president is determined to work with us to improve the health sector that we shall fight you.”

Dr.Oledo said he was returning to office as Uganda Medical Association president today.



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