Devise programmes to keep children busy in long holidays

MIFUMI has called upon the Ugandan government and parents to devise programs that can keep school going children busy during the long holidays to safeguard them against all forms of sexual abuse and moral degeneration. 

Through its Heroes Program, MIFUMI challenged government to come up with programmes that will help especially teenage mothers to enable them regain their self-esteem and continue their education. 

They noted that this especially important as school going children face many temptations in the nearly three months Christmas and New Year holiday before schools reopen. 

Lucy Athieon, an administrator at MIFUMI, suggested that government could consider providing a special supplement of milk for teenage mothers both at home and school. 

A teenage mother who attended the meeting called Shakira explained that it was the lack of basic necessities that cut short her school journey at the onset of Covid-19. 

She explained that the father of her baby was underage himself thus unable to provide for her and their child. This forced her to drop out of school and she has not had a chance to return yet. 

The meeting was held in Bulamagi sub county in Iganga District. 

Bulamagi is one of the Busoga regions where cases of sexual abuse, domestic violence and other forms of child abuse continue to be reported, worrying local leaders, security and the civil society.

The Iganga District Police Commander Patrick Byaruhanga called upon the community to look out the most vulnerable as children are sometimes afraid to speak up for themselves. 

MIFUMI has committed itself to helping teenage mothers learn new skills as a way of earning a living for themselves and their children. 

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