M23 Spokesperson Ngoma among persons sanctioned for DR Congo violence

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The European Union has imposed sanctions on a number of people involved in the fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

They include a spokesman for the M23 rebel movement, Willy Ngoma.

The M23 are blamed for causing instability and insecurity in eastern DR Congo and carrying out human rights abuses, including sexual violence.

The UN has accused the group of killing more than 130 villagers last week. The M23 denied the claim, blaming "stray bullets" for just eight deaths.

Among those subject to an asset freeze and a travel ban is a senior member of the Congolese army Joseph Nganzo Olikwa Tipi.

It is reported that forces under his command carried out attacks against civilians, including rapes, between June and December last year.

Also appearing on the list is a Ugandan Meddie Nkalubo, who is said to be a top ADF rebel leader implicated in recruiting rebels, making of guns and association with the militant Islamic State group.

Eastern DR Congo is home to dozens of armed groups, many of which are battling for a share of the region's mineral wealth.

The EU has also sanctioned a Belgian-born businessman, Alain Goetz. He's accused of exploiting the instability to illicitly trade in natural resources.

Source: BBC 

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