Umeme contract 'shuts down' in 2025, and the government says there won't be reconnection


The government of Uganda has written to Umeme confirming that it will not renew its concession after its contract elapses on March 25th.

According to Umeme Spokesperson Peter Kaujju, Umeme has received a notice from the government confirming that “there will be no renewal”.

“Umeme has formally received written communication from the Government of the Republic of Uganda, notifying it that the current Concession will continue to run until its natural end in March 2025 as stipulated in the Concession Agreements after which, there will be no renewal,” Kaujju said.

A statement from Umeme indicates that the time until the concession runs out, the company will continue to perform its obligations and “maintain the electricity distribution system in line with prudent utility practice.”

Umeme was until last November expecting president Museveni to renew their concession, however, the president has critiqued the company for failure to handle Uganda’s power issues.

In the case of Umeme exit, therefore, the role of distribution will now lie strictly with Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL).

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