UYD charges Museveni of making excuses, hiding incompetence, over kidnaps

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UYD has accused President Yoweri Museveni of incompetence for failing to bring an end to the endless kidnaps and abductions of citizens.

Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) has attributed the current increase of abductions and arrest of “innocent” Ugandans using mini buses known as "drones" to president Museveni’s ‘incompetence, noting that this should be addressed urgently before the nation collapses.

The remarks stemmed from the arrest of the former presidential candidate and the National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) party president, Joseph Kabuleta who was picked up by unknown security operatives.

Equally, unidentified gunmen driving in a drone on November 28 also picked up the deputy head of sect of Jamatil Salafiya Tabliq Muslim Community Sheikh Mwanje from Nakasero Mosque where he had gone to perform his daily prayers.

UYD president Ismail Kiirya

UYD president, Ismail Kiirya told the Nile Post shortly after the media briefing on Tuesday that proper methods should be employed when arresting the citizens, adding that they don't refuse the arrest of any suspected criminal but this should be done according to the law.

He underscored the importance of conducting proper identification before someone is arrested.

“When the president had just appointed the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martin Okoth Ochola we all had hopes of restoring Uganda Police, but this is the officer who has done more harm than good to Uganda police, “he said.

Recently, President Museveni said he was unfazed by the recent spate of attacks on security personnel and establishments, warning that rogue elements perpetrating them will be firmly dealt with.

Museveni linked different attacks to elements of the Islamist rebel group Allied Democratic Forces, army deserters, active officers, who serve at his request as UPDF commander-in-chief, and police, as well as organized criminals.

Kiirya however stated that they strongly disagree with the president's speech because its baseless, claiming that the president is simply linking the attacks to the opposition to get reasons to arrest, torture and forge crimes against them.

“We understand that president Museveni was once a rebel leader who stole guns from the then Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) government. President Museveni was once an opposition member who believed in changing the then government through force. Now he (President Museveni) thinks that the current opposition is going to behave like him in 1980,” he said.

On the issues of merging of government agencies, Kiirya said the idea is good but the government has moved away from plans made by the National Planning Authority (NPA) of uniting agencies with the same work, reducing administrative costs among others.

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