UMA president Oledo insists he won’t step down

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Troubled president of Uganda Medical Association (UMA), Dr Samuel Oledo has insisted that he will not be stepping down from his position despite earlier calls from fellow association members.

On Saturday, during the Youth Patriotism Symposium at Kololo Independence Grounds, Oledo led a group of medical personnel to kneel before President Yoweri Museveni and asked him to stand again in 2026.

His actions have since been condemned by UMA executive members who say Oledo acted unprofessionally by ”involving” himself in partisan politics.

On Tuesday, UMA secretary general, Dr. Herbert Luswata said Oledo had stepped down to allow independent investigations into his actions.

However, while addressing the media, Oledo insisted that whereas he has allowed investigations to proceed, he will not be stepping down from his position.

“I am still the president of UMA and I’m not stepping aside. I have allowed investigations to go and that’s why I have been quiet. I have not involved myself in anything. The investigations are going on..” Oledo said.

Oledo accused the association members of double standards, wondering why they never investigated him last year after he knelt down and asked Museveni to increase doctors’ salaries.

“Last year in November, I knelt down. How comes investigations never went on at that time? Reason being, at that time it was a welfare of doctors. So, there it was about money coming into the pockets,” Oledo wondered.

He defended his Saturday’s kneeling, saying this time he did so to appreciate that person (Museveni) who has put that money in doctors’ pockets.

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