Museveni admits “inconveniencing” Ugandans when roads are blocked as he moves

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President Museveni has said whereas he doesn’t like the idea of inconveniencing Ugandans by blocking road for several hours as he move, it is done for security reasons.

For many months now, Ugandans have been complaining of blocking of roads as President Museveni moves around the city.

For example, while using Entebbe Expressway, all routes joining the expressway are blocked without any vehicles or motorcycle allowed to move for several hours before the president passes.

This state of affairs has led to cases of traffic jam that motorists suffer as they wait for the presidential motorcade to move.

Several motorists and other road users have since cursed security for the inconvenience caused to them , many losing their valuable time in the traffic jam caused by the blockade.

Addressing the nation on Friday, the president explained the reason behind the move.

“When I am moving around sometimes they stop vehicles which is something I wouldn’t like but because we still have these types of elements(ADF), security takes precautions which sometimes inconvenience the public,” Museveni said.

“…but we are really weeding out especially ADF in Congo and we shall get rid of those inconveniences after we have thoroughly uprooted ADF.”

To lend credence to the president's statements, several Special Forces Command(SFC) personnel are always deployed in several junctions, roundabouts and hot spots on the roads before he passes.

In 2017, Museveni directed traffic police to stop inconveniencing other road users by stopping vehicles for many hours or clearing the road for him as he moves.

However the directed has never been followed and police always clears the road by blocking traffic before he comes.


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