NARO launches a quick growing bean variety

NARO has announced a fast growing variety of beans that could help save thousands from hunger. 

The National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO)  joined the fight against hunger in the Karamoja region, launching a new variety of beans that are quick maturing. 

The beans bio-fortified with iron and Zinc mature in 60 days compared to ordinary beans that take up to 90 days. The project has largely been welcomed by both the leaders and the communities.

For many years, Karamoja has struggled with poor crop yields. In recent months, many people died due to starvation across the sub region.

Children were not spared either by the hunger crisis.

Regional leaders and farmers have supported the innovation saying it will be a game changer for the region.

The project, launched by the Minister for Karamoja Affairs, Mary Goretti Kitutu is aimed at delivering nutrition to hunger stricken communities of Karamoja.

However, experts have called on the project implementers to maximize production in the green belts of Karamoja

The prolonged drought, rampant cattle theft and attitude towards alternative livelihoods are the main triggering factors of food insecurity in Karamoja. 

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