Mandatory presentation of vaccination certificates to public places as Museveni issues new Covid rules

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President Museveni has issued new rules in an apparent attempt to guard against the spread of COVID-19.

The president said the new rules come into effect with immediate effect.

“The national task force reviewed the current Covid situation in country and made the following recommendations that should be adopted for implementation with immediate effect. A certificate of vaccination will be evidence for   entry to formal meetings to public places. No one will be allowed to enter public places without an update certificate to show you have got two doses and a booster,” Museveni said on Friday evening.

The president explained that this new rule will be enforced in offices of government ministries, agencies and departments, cabinet meeting, district council meetings, parent association meetings in schools and all the other public gatherings.

“We are not going to allow you( if you are not vaccinated). We are to instruct managers of events and public gatherings that somebody without certificate of vaccination of two doses and booster one plus the booster. Where there is no up to date vaccination certificate, a negative PCR test certificate for 24 hours before is required.”

According to the new rules, the use of facemasks is mandatory for all individuals in enclosed places and public gatherings whereas all elderly of 50 years and above as well as those with comorbidities are asked to get vaccinated for Covid at least every six months.

The president said handshaking and hugging remain prohibited.

He noted that to date, Uganda, has received 49 does of Covid vaccines both donated and bought by government and 59% of the population has got at least two doses of the vaccines.

President Museveni said 22 million adults and 6.5 million children have been vaccinated but 23 million doses of vaccines are not yet administered.



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