MPs trade blows on the floor of parliament over disrespect

Chaos erupted in the Senegalese parliament on Thursday after a male lawmaker hit a female colleague on the head in scenes that were televised live.

Parliamentary proceedings were disrupted during a budget presentation, after opposition member of parliament Massata Samb left the podium and walked over to Amy Ndiaye Gniby of the ruling Benno Bokk Yakaar coalition and hit her.

In retaliation, Ms Gniby threw a chair back at Mr Samb, before other MPs intervened, however the chaos did not stop as the lawmakers traded blows, leading to the suspension of the session.

Local media reports that Mr Samb reminded the house of remarks Ms Gniby had made earlier which he said were "discourteous".

Ms Gniby is then said to have replied from her seat that she "did not care".

Then, Mr Samb cut short his speech and rushed towards her.

Since a July legislative election where the ruling party lost its comfortable majority, there has been tension between the ruling and opposition politicians.

Source: BBC 

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