Prophet Kakande seeks $300 from each of his church members for Christmas luxurious car gift

Self-styled Prophet Samuel Kakande of the Synagogue Church of All Nations has asked his church members worldwide to voluntarily give Shs1m each ( $ 300 USD) or the equivalent in any currency of choice to enable him to acquire ‘golden wheels”.

Prophet Kakande, in a video that is making rounds on social media calmly, suggests that those who have “love” for him express it and lavish him with it through legal tender.

The controversial Man of God who has recently made a fortune selling Holy Rice says the money will go towards purchasing a vehicle before Christmas. Still, he will not begrudge anyone if the amount comes in excess to purchase more than one luxurious car.

Kakande insists this is only a request to those who love him, and no one should be forced to give the $ 300 USD. He also insists that no one should give with expectations of a special prayer.

“Do not push yourself. I am talking about those who love Kakande, it is not compulsory for me to pray for you, you must buy me a car, No,” Prophet Kakande said.

Kakande who is already running a fundraiser in the church to build a huge church plaza insists that he will not pinch off that money because it is purposely for the construction of “the House of God.”

He also promises that when all is done, he will issue a golden card to those who would have contributed to his car, and that card would be the most accessible pass to unforgettable memories and mystery wealth.

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