“They are going to lose the appetite for guns” says UPDF as it launches onslaught on security attackers

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Borrowing President Museveni’s recent words, the UPDF has said it has launched an onslaught on assailants who have made it a habit to attack security personnel to ensure they lose the appetite for guns.

In the period since July, unknown assailants have attacked security personnel in various parts of the country either killing or injuring them and robbing their guns to the tune of 13 rifles.

However, in a statement released on Sunday afternoon, UPDF spokesperson, Brig Felix Kulayigye said they have started an onslaught on the assailants.

He explained that the operation started with the putting out of action of an army deserter, Pte Alibuza Rogers who was involved in the recent attack on a sentry along Ambercoat road near Gadafi barracks in Jinja killing a UPDF sergeant and robbing two guns.

According to Brig Kulayigye, in another incident, two armed assailants shot at a UPDF foot patrol in Kapeeka town before they were met with return fire from the soldiers.

“On contact, the assailants shot dead a UPDF soldier, Pt Tufeyo Obed and his colleagues fired back on target killing all the two assailants instantly and recovered the gun they used in the attack. No weapon was lost,” Brig Kulayigye said.


The army spokesperson warned that they have started an onslaught targeting assailants attacking security personnel.

“The UPDF and sister security forces have launched a full scale onslaught on criminals interested in in picking rifles to make unpalatable the appetite for gun acquisition.”

According to the UPDF spokesperson, the criminals attempt to attack security forces will be met with lethal action.


There have been cases of increased attacks targeting security personnel, especially those with guns.

Earlier this month, armed assailants attacked Busiika Police station in Luweero district in an incident that happened at around 7pm.

The armed assailants who were numbering between six and seven or thereabout approached Busiika town and ordered locals to close their shops.

They later emerged from three different sides, two in front and one from behind, were armed with a pistol and guns and shot at police officers at the station.

Two officers were killed on the spot whereas a civilian who had come to report a case and another police officer were injured.

Last week, in a properly planned mission, assailants attacked a mini-checkpoint, one kilometer away from the main checkpoint to UPDF Gaddafi barracks in Jinja.

The assailants who seem to have been monitoring the activities at the mini-checkpoint struck and killed Sgt Eyamu Simon Peter, aged 45 who had been left alone with two guns after his colleague had gone to nearby shops to buy something at around 9pm.

They killed Eyamu and went away with the two guns.

Two people, including the UPDF officer who had gone for some errands away from the checkpoint have been arrested to aid in investigations.

On Monday evening, a private security guard was attacked by unknown people in Magere, Wakiso district and cut before the gun was taken.

Last week, police repulsed an attempted attack on its station at Nakulabye in Kampala prompting the attackers to flee the scene after being fired at by the officers on duty in an incident that happed at around 4am.

In Mbale district, unknown assailants broke into Bungokho police station and  stole two guns and a radio call.

Security personnel have since these attacks started been put on high alert.

To this, personnel, especially those carrying guns have been warned against moving alone.

The developments also comes after police in a new strategy phased out several police posts and merged them to form police stations as the force seeks to base its policing activities at the subcounty.

At the sub-county police station, there will be at least 20 officers from the various units to deal with criminality.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga recently said this will help deal with the problem of police posts that don’t have enough manpower but are also vulnerable to attacks .





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