DP leader Ssemogerere body due for postmortem, politicians call for state funeral

It was sombre mood at the home of the late Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere, as relatives and friends gathered to eulogized the veteran politician. He was hailed as a unique statesman whose experience was unrivalled.


This morning, the body of the late Dr. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere was driven out of his home in Rubaga division where he died last night, for postmortem amidst sobs and wailing.


At the time of his death, Dr. Ssemwogerere was the leader of the forces of change, a political pressure group uniting opposition political groups for a united political front against the ruling NRM.


Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago described him as a father figure who commanded respect and honour across all political groups.


“It’s really unfortunate that we have lost a pillar in the political sphere, a man who was a pillar of the fight for the rule of law, democracy and constitutionalism,“ Lukwago said.


Former Katikirro Daniel Mulwanya Muli Ssemwogerere described him as an exceptional statesman whose experience in leadership was unmatched.


“ He was a man of unmatched character, a stateman and a man who had Uganda at heart. He had the option and means to use other means to capture power but for his love for peace he chose not. It’s unfortunate that he’s gone’ said the former Katikkiro eulogized the fallen leader.


There have been calls from some political leaders for a state funeral for the former minister and DP president Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere. Some of the politicians that we spoke to ae demanding for a funeral befitting a head of state as his final sendoff


Relatives and friends continued to flock his home amidst preparations for his final send off

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