Warner Bros executive in Uganda to help boost local movie industry

America Film Producer, Nikita S. Adams from Warner Bros Studio is in the country for a three day visit aimed at building lasting synergies between Ugandan movie stars and their Hollywood counterparts.

Nikita who is the head of television development at Folding Chair Productions a subsidiary of Warner Bros Studios will use the time to explore the cultural and film landscape as well as sharing her experience with local filmmakers.

Working hand in hand with Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) and a one Isaac Kigozi, Nikita will be meeting different movie actors, producers and film makers in Uganda to sensitize them on how to turn their creations into business.

“I am so humbled to be in Uganda, I want to first give honor to God for allowing me to be to the Pearl of Africa. As a producer for more than 26 years, there are a few things I want to give and there are things I want to get out of my visit to Uganda,” Nikita said.

“I want to have an understanding of the stories and the method of storytelling. One of the uniqueness of the African culture is how they tell their stories; the stories are unique but the method storytelling is also very important,”

She noted that there is a way the characters are introduced in East African narratives that are unique to Europe and in the West.

“My passion is to bridge the gap between African Americans and the Africans; I want to normalize Africa for African Americans and I want normalize coming here and doing business. There is no savior in the States, the power and the wealth is here, the wealth in terms of culture and talent is here,” Nikita observed.

Isaac Kigozi together with Nikita S. Adams .

Nikita appreciated President Museveni for opening up the country to the historical diasporas giving them space to return to Africa to participate in the development of the African continent.

Isaac Kigozi noted that Nikita’s coming into the country follows President Museveni’s initiative of promoting art and talent among the youth.

“Nikita will share her experience that she has earned over time equipping the youth on how they can earn from their art and creatives through tapping in the international market,” Kigozi said.

Meddy Kaggwa, the acting Director Industry Affairs and Content Development at UCC noted that the commission is on the move to interest renown film producers, actors and agents to come and interact with the creative and cultural sector in Uganda.

“We have Nikita in the country to look at what culture we have, interest her to sign and acquire as much content as possible, organize mentorship for film makers, what to do and what not to do in case you have funds and how best to use the funding,” Kaggwa said.

He added that this is the beginning of a fruitful partnership and there are to have more partnerships with as many studios as possible.



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