Experts task government on proper nutrition

Nutrition experts have tasked government to invest more in food security to fight food insecurity among citizens.

The call was made during a presentation of a report on the state of nutrition in the country at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kampala.

The Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja stressed that Uganda has a lot of food but people lack information on how it can be properly consumed.

Several experts in nutrition urged government to invest and prioritise citizen's nutrition of citizens other than other ventures.

The report showed, among others, that 14% of households, especially urban areas, are grappling with food shortage.

According to the same report, 42% of the households' expenditure is on staples which are majorly cereals, meaning that many people do not have a balanced diet.

Nabbanja asserted that there is availability of food but the public is suffering from lack of knowledge on proper feeding.

"Uganda is a very rich country as we all know its the Pearl of Africa, so the same applies with the abundance in food. We need to also educate our people on proper feeding", Nabbanja said.

The Minister for Agriculture, Frank Tumwebaze encouraged people to embrace the fact that good nutrition is a result of guided and focussed investment in agriculture.


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