Museveni celebrates 78th birthday by urging Ugandans under 90 to work harder

It is the 15th September (Nyankaaga) and its the 78th birthday of the old man with a hat. It has been God that has protected me all this time and blessed the NRM to be able to realize a lot of achievements. God has also blessed my family in all these years.

I thank Maama Janet for looking after the children when we were fighting. I salute the NRM fraternity for their support, as well as saluting all Ugandans for whatever good work they are doing.

My appeal to all Ugandans, again, is that each and every adult should strive to be either a wealth and job- creator or a worker if you still have the energy (not too old- e.g. 90 years and above)

The sectors for wealth and jobs creation, as I normally tell you, are:

1. Commercial agriculture with ekibaro (cura, aimar, otita)

2. Legal mining and manufacturing;

3. Services; and

4. ICT

The fifth sector, which is not so much a wealth creation sector but has some limited number of jobs, is the Public Service (the Civil Service, the Army, the Police, the Prisons, the Judiciary, the Local Governments, the Teaching Service and the Political class).

These are competitive but they are limited- only 480,000 when I last checked. Hence, it is the other 4 sectors that have the answers for wealth & job creation. The Government has put mechanisms to support individuals that want to enter or grow their efforts in these four sectors.

There is money in UDB for manufacturing and agriculture and some of the services ; PDM money for the Saccos in small-scale commercial agriculture; and emyooga funds at the Constituency level for enterprises that, mainly, need skills.

Targeting the Ugandan, the East African, the African, and the global markets, we cannot go wrong if we follow this advice.

In the coming weeks, I will address you on the issue of the environment, which is the other crucial issue.

With these efforts, as I start tackling the 79th year of my tenancy here on Earth, I will feel satisfied that the 62 Years of my struggle and that of my colleagues for the social-economic transformation of our people have not been in vain.

This is for the adults. How about the children? Those who are in school should concentrate on their studies, do sports, avoid risky behavior in their lives, and help their parents to do family work during the holidays.

They should be acquainted with Patriotism and Pan- Africanism. I hope the Patriotism Secretariat is active with the schools.

If all the still active adults engage in wealth and jobs creation as advised above, they will be able to look after the children- school and pre- school better.

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