Ugandans in Germany launch Agribusiness Network

Ugandans in Germany have launched the Agribusiness Network, which will identify agribusiness prospects overseas and support the expansion of inclusive policy discourse among people living outside Uganda.

It was created with the support of the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).

The Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on food production and processing, and restrictions on cross-border travel impeded the transit of goods along those routes, which had an impact on Uganda's product market.

Since many farmers practise subsistence farming, FAO executives said that they have been forced to develop an intervention that connects young agricultural products to international markets.

The FAO representative to Uganda, Antonio Querido, announced the project in Kampala and emphasised the importance of a diaspora investment policy for the network's success.

Querido said that this will help in coordinating and utilising the diaspora entrepreneurial programme.

"The diaspora should collaborate with local company owners to strengthen and expand the commercial network so that we can access the global market," Querido said.

According to Johnny Muhindo, Uganda's Deputy Head of Uganda’s Mission to Berlin said that government has started preparing a report that would connect the parish development model to the newly developed diaspora youth agribusiness network.

"We are working with the Ugandan government to ensure that the Parish Development Model will profit from this Agri Business Network," Muhindo said.

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