“She’s just seeking attention”, says Obore of journalist afraid for her life over Speakers’ Shs2.8 bn cars story

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Chris Obore has described Agather Atuhaire's claims of threats to her life as attention seeking.

The director of communications at Parliament, Obore dismissed the journalist's statements that she is being threatened for exposing the cost of the speakers' cars as trying to make the story about herself.

Weeks ago, Atuhaire, a journalist at Civic Space TV, through social media, reported about how government executed and procured luxury cars for Speaker Anita Among and her deputy Thomas Tayebwa. She said the cars cost Shs2.8bn.


This week, the journalist revealed that she had been tipped by her sources at Parliament that her life was in danger for breaking the story that has since made headlines. She further claimed that she was in hiding for fear of her life.

On Tuesday, one Twitter user tagged Obore and asked him about the authenticity of Atuhaire’s claims.

Replying the tweet, Obore said it was meaningless to respond to Atuhaire’s claims because according to him, the journalist is only after seeking attention on social media.

“We never respond to a journalist’s desire for attention. She needs to be the story and we cannot deny her that desire.” Obore said.


He added, “She will hide herself. Run and run. Talk about being threatened. Get nice comments on social media. Until she cannot sustain the lie and life moves on.”

Atuhaire was quick to jump into the conversation and accused Obore of spreading rumours behind her back yet fails to clarify her concerns on public platforms.



“How I wish this stance extends to what you post about me in platforms I don’t belong to and conversations with other people. I think it is pathetic to prefer to talk behind someone’s back when you have refused to clarify these concerns on platforms we have both been invited to,” Atuhaire wrote.

Speaking on a Twitter Space hosted by the African Institute for Investigative Journalism (AIIJ), Atuhaire revealed that some of her sources she says could not talk to her over the phone, came in person and told her that some people were looking for something that they could use against her.

“I felt threatened and to make it worse, I was being addressed informally. My team sent a letter to Parliament to inform them that I am available if they want to question me, but the letter has since gone unanswered..,” Atuhaire revealed.

Atuhaire added that someone in the CID, recently warned her through her sister to stop attacking people with power or else be picked up.

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