FDC, Jeema clash over Bugiri Municipality


In theory the Forum for Democratic Change and the Justice Forum are supposed to work hand in hand to dislodge the ruling NRM government.

In practice, they are fighting each other in Bugiri Municipality where there is a pending parliamentary election.

Asuman Basalirwa, the president of Jeema has already expressed interest in vying for the seat but FDC has also indicated that it is fielding Eunice Namatende for the same position.

The constituency is one of these that were recently created by Parliament.

Some analysts fear that this lack of unity could gift the NRM candidate victory.

Harold Kaija, the deputy secretary general for FDC, told The Nile Post the party started doing groundwork in 2016, when the talk of carving out the municipality became rife.

"Our candidate has been campaigning and she is well known in the area," Kaija said.

Basalirwa, in an interview with The Nile Post said he was ready for competition.

He said: "It is not  new for the opposition to field more than one person for a political position and it will not disrupt the support I have."

He said he is in the race not to add up numbers but to effectively address the challenges faced by the people of Bugiri municipality.

On his part, Kaija said that no party or person has approached FDC to join forces.

"We would also like to get support from other opposition parties instead of us giving it all the time," he said.

Sources within DP told us that the party is likely to support Basalirwa.

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