Preparations for NRM Diaspora Convention in Germany in high gear

For the first time in Europe, all NRM chapter leagues and members will gather in Munich, Germany between July 1-3, 2022 for the first-ever NRM Diaspora Convention.

The convention will be held under the theme: “Cultivating a Future for Uganda.”

According to the chief organiser Lillian Ikulumet, the convention is expected to attract all NRM chapter members in diaspora and party members from the NRM Secretariat Kampala.

"We expect politicians and key decision makers from Uganda to meet, engage and debate diaspora Ugandans on issues affecting those in diaspora and their families, and to for the government to communicate its achievements and initiatives for diaspora Ugandans,” Ikulumet told this website.

Lillian Ikulumet is the secretary for the NRM Chapter Germany.

She said that many of the Ugandans living in diaspora never have the opportunity to meet and engage with the ruling party leaders and policy makers on issues affecting them, or get first-hand information from the decision makers, hence the need for such a gathering.

“A lot of times discussions and debates are done virtually or by telephone by just a few diaspora members, but this time around we want to welcome everyone, whether you’re a supporter of NRM or not,” Ikulumet told Nile Post.

“Come and debate or discuss some of these issues face-to-face with policy makers and find solutions where possible,” she urged diaspora Ugandans.

Other topics will include investment opportunities for Ugandan Diaspora, the labour market discourse in diaspora, Youth/women economic empowerment government initiatives for diaspora Ugandans, Import and Export policies and education and Business opportunities for Ugandans in Germany.

NRM Secretariat representatives, government officials, German agencies, human rights agencies, European Union and Ugandan missions abroad are also expected to be in attendance, according to the organisers.

Ikulumet said that one of the most controversial topics that will be addressed at the convention will be that of Human Rights situation in Uganda.

Uganda has been tinted with the issue of Human rights violations in the last couple of months, and according to the diaspora secretary of the NRM chapter, government is working hard to address it.

Nile Post has also established that Munich is a home to over 2000 Ugandans, including radical author Stella Nyanzi and critical novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija.

Major Pollar Awich, the Director, External and Diaspora Affairs at NRM secretariat revealed recently that he held a meeting with President Museveni at State House Entebbe, who told him that he is happy to support such initiatives in the diaspora.

Other activities at the convention will include presentations, panel discussions, brainstorming sessions, study tours around Munich and social connections activities such as football gala and entertainment.


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