Ugandan Army Commanders Muntu, and Muhoozi engaged in crossfire on Twitter; injuries on both sides

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Former Army Commander Maj General Mugisha Muntu and current Land Forces Commander Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba have launched artillery against each other and called for a troop formation as their war gets deeper.

The war was started by a provocation from Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu who apparently gave unsolicited advice to Lt Gen Muhoozi regarding his uniform and politics. The issue is that Maj Gen Muntu issued the advice on Lt Gen Muhoozi’s territory.

It all started when the Lt Gen Muhoozi went into full-blown braggadocio about his impeccable intelligence and insightfulness regarding sinister moves against his security jurisdiction.

“There was a terrible conspiracy amongst some people in the security services that wanted us to go to war with our brothers in Rwanda. Their biggest catastrophe is that President Museveni appointed me CLF. Once I discovered this conspiracy, I reported to the President,” he tweeted.

Maj Gen Muntu probably tipped off by the loud drills issued a note across the Twitter border, asking Lt Gen Muhoozi to declare if he wants to go to war fully or if he wants to keep disguising in drills.

Use the same insight to ask the CIC (commander in chief) to retire you from the army as you pursue your political Agenda. It is legitimate. However, respect the officers and men in Uniform. NRA/ UPDF has been built through many sacrifices. Welcome to politics but get out of uniform first,” he said.

Days before, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu was heard rumbling on Twitter Spaces, saying he will deploy for a fight if Lt Gen Muhoozi remained disguised in his drills.

The protest note from Maj Gen Muntu was not taken lightly by Lt Gen Muhoozi who summoned missiles, RPGs and Tanks to attack Muntu’s Twitter territory, shooting 140 Twitter character bullets on target.

“General Greg, first of all, habari ya siku mingi sana? I hope you are well? Secondly, me, my father and practically everybody else in UPDF does not require your 'Insight' into anything. Please keep it for yourself and your small collapsing political party.”

Alas, the Maj Gen Muntu survived the attack unscathed and after several hours of making the attacker believe he had died, retreated, set camp on a higher altitude, calculated the winds and sent a bazooka.

“I'm well thanks. I'm sure you are. I think if you were to soberly reread my initial remarks, you will find that I referred to your "insight", not mine. Also, it is "do not need" not does not need. I wasn't under the impression that my opinion was "required". I gave it anyway.”

The two sides are currently on a logically forced ceasefire.

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