“I don’t need your advice”- Gen Muhoozi blasts Muntu


There has been a square off between the Commander of Land Forces, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and former army commander; Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu over the latter’s comments.

On Monday, Muntu, who is also the leader of the Alliance for National Transformation(ANT) asked  Muhoozi to first retire from the army with respect and then pursue his political ambition not to tarnish the reputation of the army that he said has taken time to build.

Use the same insight to ask the CIC(commander in chief) to retire you from the army as you pursue your political Agenda. It is legitimate. However, respect the officers and men in Uniform. NRA/ UPDF has been built through many sacrifices. Welcome to politics but get out of uniform first,”Muntu tweeted on Monday.

However, on Thursday, Lt Gen Muhoozi responded to Muntu’s comments saying his advice is uncalled for and that he should reserve it to himself.

“Secondly, me, my father and practically everybody else in UPDF does not require your 'insight' into anything. Please keep it for yourself and your small collapsing political party,” Lt Gen Muhoozi tweeted.

In the same tweet, the Commander of the Land Forces took a jibe at Muntu’s Alliance for National Transformation that he described as a “small collapsing political party”.

He also seemed to suggest that instead of Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, Col Jet Mwebaze should have been made the army commander in 1989.

“I wish my father had made Colonel Jet Mwebaze, army commander after Afande Saleh in 1989. He was a great commander for sure!”

Muntu was army commander between 1989 and 1998.

Army commander is the highest position in the Ugandan military.

Muntu also fought back in equal measures.

"I think if you were to soberly reread my initial remarks, you will find that I referred to your "insight", not mine. Also, it is "do not need" not does not need. I wasn't under the impression that my opinion was "required". I gave it anyway,"Muntu said.

The Commander of Land Forces had earlier said that some politicians, especially from the opposition are riding on his tweets to get fame.

“Some opposition politicians and even perennial presidential candidates have been reduced to commenting on my tweets! That's their job. How pathetic! They think by catching a ride on the unstoppable train of young Ugandans they will be more relevant? History will absolve us.”

Several politicians, especially from the opposition have in the past blasted Lt Gen Muhoozi , a serving army officer for openly participating in politics, contrary to provisions of the constitution.

“His remarks and printing of campaign T-shirts for the 2026 general elections is an outright campaign that should make Muhoozi a candidate for the general court martial but because he is a son of Museveni, his crimes against the Constitution are instead being cheered on by the whole military leadership and cabinet ministers,” FDC spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said recently.

Last week, lawyer Gawaya Tegulle dragged Gen Muhoozi to court for using the 48th birthday celebrations as a launch pad for his presidential bid.

Tegulle said the Chief of Defence Forces and President Museveni have abrogated the role of stopping the 48-year-old Commander of the Land Forces who is still a serving UPDF officer from not participating in elective politics; an act he said contravenes the Constitution.

To many, especially those who follow proceedings in Uganda, the recent are a clear statement about Lt Gen Muhoozi’s presidential ambitions.



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