This year’s Kabaka birthday run set for July 3

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After being put on hold last month, Buganda Kingdom has set July , 3 as the date for this year’s Kabaka birthday run.

Buganda put the celebrations of the Kabaka’s  birthday celebrations that also include a run to a halt until King Ronald Muwenda Muwenda Mutebi II  who was abroad until  returned  from Europe where he had gone  official duties including getting medical check-up from specialists.

On Tuesday, Airtel Uganda in partnership with Buganda Kingdom unveiled the 2022 Kabaka Birthday Run kit

This year’s birthday run will just like the previous year be aimed towards  the fight of HIV/AIDs under the theme, "Men against AIDS to Save the Girl Child”, intended to drive awareness about HIV/AIDS and encourage men to be at the forefront by urging them to get tested, get treated and ultimately protect women against infection.

“Airtel is privileged to be part of the Kabaka Birthday Run. This year marks nine years of continued commitment toward Buganda kingdom, a partnership we are proud of because of the positive impact it creates in the communities where we operate. Beyond the run, we have participated in various initiatives like the annual Masaza Football tournament, the Kabaka’s coronation, among many other activities organized by the kingdom,” said Airtel Uganda MD Manoj Murali

“On behalf of Airtel Uganda, I would like to pledge our future commitment and support to the Buganda Kingdom as we strive to change the lives of Ugandans through such programs.”

The kit unveiling event was graced by the Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga, who said that the campaign against HIV requires behavioral change and sharing of key information.

“The biggest weapon we need in this fight is information, information based on research that will uphold the UNAIDS mission to eliminate the virus spread by 2030, and to achieve this we must embark on sensitization drives like what we do through initiatives like the Kabaka Birthday Run.”

"We appreciate Airtel’s support over the years to the Kingdom and the entire country. We believe the contribution towards the run will greatly support in the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

The run which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, July, 3 2022, will be flagged off by Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.


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