Bobi Wine: Why I never respond to Mao’s attacks

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The president of National Unity Platform (NUP), Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has revealed why he has never responded to attacks by the DP president, Norbert Mao.

Mao has on several occasions launched broadsides against Kyagulanyi and NUP supporters on television talkshows and social media accusing Kyagulanyi of being dictatorial. Mao accuses NUP and Bobi Wine of using double standards when it comes to politics.

Despite Mao’s continuous attacks, the NUP leader Kyagulanyi has never responded to the accusations which Mao started at the beginning of 2022.

But appearing on BBS TV on Saturday, Kyagulanyi, finally revealed why he chooses to ignore Mao's attacks.

“Today is my first time to adress this issue. Mao, I respect you. Deep inside your heart, you know that we are all slaves in this regime. I know that you know the pain that your people are going through and I know that you know the disappointment of the people. But two wrongs don’t make right. That’s why I do not respond to your attacks. Not because I just want to ignore you but because It doesn’t take the struggle any further. Deep inside I know there’s the moral Mao and God willing, that Mao will show up,” Kyagulanyi explained.

Kyagulanyi said that the Mao of today is not the moral leader he knew before; the one that was inspirational, wise and respectful. The NUP proprietor said the Mao of today has somehow lost respect and integrity.

“I wouldn’t wish to address him (Mao) basing on his current state. He was one of the people that inspired me when I was young, since the days he was the guild president at Makerere University. Even when he stood for presidency for his first time, I voted him.”

Kyagulanyi said he had voted Mao not because his grandparents supported DP but because the then DP flag bearer Mao was a an intelligent and respected leader that suited well his generation.

However, he said that his stance changed the moment Mao turned into what he is now.

He further revealed that the first time he heard about Mao’s attacks on Twitter, he thought the tweets were from an imposter not until he saw Mao himself in the video.

Kyagulanyi maintained that he chose to stay mute about Mao’s tweets because he didn’t want to promote the version of person Mao had turned into.

“So, as me who used to admire Mao a lot, I chose to stick to the Mao I used to know. I don’t know the Mao of today. I know that in his heart, he knows the truth and I wouldn’t want to promote the new version of him.”

Quoting one of Mao’s quotes, “If you’re paid to be stupid, your intelligence ceases to matter.”, Bobi Wine said he wouldn’t wish to think that the same quote applies to the DP party leader.

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