Lukwago, FDC's Ingrid arrested

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party, mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe has been arrested.

Ms Ingrid was arrested while she made her way to town in a commuter taxi, she was then bundled in a police van and driven off to an unknown destination.

Ingrid started her journey from home on a boda boda in response to a campaign by Dr Kizza Besigye in which he requested those against age limit removal to protest by leaving their cars home and use public means.

On reaching Kasangati town, she got off the boda boda and addressed locals before jumping into a Kampala town bound commuter taxi.

Police intercepted her journey to the city centre when they stopped the taxi and plucked her out.

Ms Ingrid is the second opposition member to be arrested today, after Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who was picked from his home in Wakaliga.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Emilian Kayima confirmed Ingrid's arrest for distributing red ribbons in Kasangati town.

"We shall see what to do with her,"he said.

Asked on Lukwago'a arrest,the police mouthpiece could not confirm neither deny the development.

He however said police will engage opposition politicians so they don't get engaged in the red ribbon activities adding that those who will not heed will be arrested.

"We know they want to rejuvenate the walk to work campaign of 2011 but we will not allow them,"he noted.

"If they want to get involved in processions,they should seek permission from police so as to guide them."

The arrests follow plans by former FDC president, Dr Kizza Besigye in which he called upon Ugandans to protest against the age limit removal by discriminating those for the age limit. Besigye urged people to abandon their cars and travel by public means.

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